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Dr. Mir Dawood

Dr. Mir Dawood graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Neuroscience and Astrophysics.

Dr. Dawood then went on to obtain his Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree from the University of Sydney.

While in dental school, Dr. Dawood was involved in many extracurricular activities – ranging from captaining the dental school’s soccer team to participating with the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

It was this latter experience that sparked Dr. Dawood’s interest in serving rural and smaller communities.

With respect to his philosophy on dentistry, Dr. Dawood has this to say:

Everyone smiles in the same language. The practice of art and science, in the form of dentistry, can be beautifully adapted to each person, allowing their smile to flourish and function in their own unique way. This practice allows one to treat much more than the teeth – it allows the dentist to treat the person as a whole!

Dr. Dawood enjoys all aspects of general dentistry, but has a very keen interest in surgical extractions and root canal treatments.

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