Botox & Dysport Injections

If you're like most people, you probably think of Botox and Dysport as treatments for reducing or eradicating wrinkles. But did you know that at Smile Quest Dental in St. Paul, these injectables can be used to help relieve pain from temporomandibular disorders (TMD), as well?

What is TMD?

TMD is a common oral disorder that affects a patient’s jaw joint and muscles. It can cause a wide range of symptoms, including pain, clicking and popping sounds, and difficulty opening and closing the mouth.

How is TMD treated?

There are a number of different treatments for TMD, including oral devices, physical therapy, medication, and Botox and Dysport injections.

How do Botox and Dysport work?

Botox and Dysport work by temporarily reducing the muscle tone and activity in the face, reducing pain, clicking and popping sounds, and difficulty opening and closing the mouth. In addition, these injections can help to prevent further damage to the jaw joint and muscles and give the area a chance to rest and heal. Once administered, these injections can provide relief for up to three months.

Who is a candidate for treatment?

Many patients who are experiencing pain or other symptoms from TMD may be candidates for treatment with Botox or Dysport. However, it's important to consult with our qualified team to determine if these injectables are right for you.

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  • Reduce tension headaches brought on by TMD
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  • Calm overactive facial muscles that can cause myofascial pain
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