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Dr. Viktoria Kirsten

Dr. Viktoria Kirsten, a graduate of the University of British Columbia, completed her undergraduate studies in Biology, followed by her Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree.

Her passion for dentistry stems from childhood, where she developed a keen interest in the dental field.

Throughout her dental education, Dr. Kirsten remained involved in copious extracurricular activities, which included sports such as soccer and volleyball, as well as mentoring dental students.

Dr. Kirsten’s passion for dentistry extends to philanthropic work wherein, with various dental missions, she actively participated in providing dental treatment to regions in Northern B.C. as well as in Jamaica.

Dr. Kirsten’s perspective of dentistry is simple:

…don’t just treat the mouth; treat the person attached to it!

Besides general dental treatment, Dr. Kirsten has developed a great interest in paediatric dentistry and extractions.

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